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Our enterprises combine decades of experience in the formation and management of companies, structuring of assets, tax and legal advice, as well as accounting and auditing. Our staff members coordinate and administer the mandates of our international clientele. 

Many years of experience and expertise constitute the pillars of all four enterprises. As strong, independent partners, we are aware of our responsibility.

The Schreiber & Zindel Group also specializes in cooperating with large institutional clients. We are very well acquainted with the special needs of this group of clients and have many years of experience in this regard.

Services offered:

  • Fintech related services (ICO, TGE, etc.)
  • Establishment and management of Liechtenstein entities
  • Establishment and management of foreign offshore structures
  • Establishment and management of local and foreign trust structures
  • Services as co-trustee
  • Structuring of assets and holdings
  • Legal counselling
  • Succession planning
  • Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF)
  • Trust transactions
  • Personell administration
  • Value added tax counselling
  • Auditing (TrhG art. 1 para. 7)
  • Controlling