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Frank Zindel

Innovative and attractive.

Trusts originated in English common law and have increasingly gained importance beyond the Anglo-Saxon world in recent decades. Liechtenstein already introduced trusts in 1926. Such farsightedness makes the Liechtenstein financial centre innovative and attractive.

We are open to other approaches and systems. Thanks to many years of experience in trusts, you will find us to be competent and reliable specialists for the establishment and management of domestic and foreign trust structures.

Trustco Treuunternehmen is a licensed trust company, which we established especially for trust structures in 1998. Since then, all trust structures of our Group have been managed by Trustco Treuunternehmen.

Before Dr. iur. Frank Zindel joined Schreiber & Zindel Group in 1998, he worked for two years at renowned trust companies in London, Jersey (Channel Islands), and the Cayman Islands. The knowledge and experience in trust law he acquired were the prerequisite and foundation for the establishment of a specialized and professional trust company for trust structures in Liechtenstein.

Services offered:

  • Establishment and management of Liechtenstein trust structures
  • Establishment and management of foreign trust structures
  • Legal advice relating to trust structures
  • Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF)
  • Services as co-trustee
  • Asset structuring
  • Succession planning